Friday, May 11, 2012

Start making the report of DA , starting with market analysis

10 May 2012

today, Im start to do the market analysis on the Ulu Langat area to determine the property that have a highest demand and supply in that area so that, our project will be viable and making profit to us after we launch it.

 the market analysis contains :
- demographic 
-socioenomic analysis
-property market anlysis..

since, we have decided to develop 2 storey terrace house and double storey shop office, then we should research on market of landed property so that , the project will be viable.

we will research on landed property like , 2-3STH, 2SSO, STH, SEMI-D, DETACHED, SSO 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3rd Post for DA

8 May 2012

Today, me and my group made a discussion with Pn Sue to gather more detail informations regarding our assignment. And after discussion end around 12.30 pm, our group try to make a rough planning in doing the assignment.

At 9.00 pm, I am dividing the assignment in parts so that, the work progress of this assignment can be well manage. Which are :

1- Surrounding Development
2- Market Anakysis
3- Detailed Analysis
4-Concept of Development
5- Marketing Strategy
6- Competitor Analysis
7- Company Successful Factor
8- Cashflow 
   *Net terminal Value
   *Period by Period

Monday, May 7, 2012

2nd post for log book DA

6 May 2012

Today, after a few minute of discussion, we are decided to propose a mixed development that contained residential and commercial. And, I have divided works among us, which are looking for market value of residential (landed and strata property) and commercial property in area Kajang to determine the price of property that we want to develop.

there are a lot of price of property that I gathered. And, from the prices I can gget the range of price for commercial property there.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

its time to be a Panda babes.. o.O

04 May 2012

what a tiring day, ONE whole day im tried VERY HARD to find informations related to site and assignment as much as i can ~~ pfft =..= the word EMPEX is really bare in my mind right now and i think also for this month. 

we already got some informations regarding to the site which are urmm.. the most important item !!!  title of the land from Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Negeri Selangor, we are in charged by Officer Raja.. a very nice person and give a lot of information to us. then, we are very rushing to Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia (JPM) that situated at Bangunan Darul Ehsan, Selangor. In this department we should gather some informations about statistics of populations, income household, social demographic and also economic demographic in Mukim Kajang area so that we can proceed to do the assignment very well... InsyaAllah :) At JPM we get some info on statistics year 2010 of population according to districts and mukim. And other informations we gathered from website statistic which is 

After that, we went to Department of Town and Country Planning to get layout plan and to know the zoning of the land. After a few minutes of waiting we get the information on zoning of the land. The land at Lot 7524 GRN 49714 is zoning in commercial and services. Actually, we are planning and prefered to develop a landed property. The land must be develop according to Manual Piawaian Perancangan Negeri Selangor and also Local plan of Ulu langat area.

Before we went to MPKj, we are doing some inspection on the land, take some pictures and inspect the surrounding of the land. the details of LOT 7524 :

terrain : slope and beralun
1st layer land
There is no land use stated, but zoning in commercial.
Alot of owners.
there are 2 caveat on the land.
the east side is industrial area. 
and west side is commercial and residential area. 
there are some open space beside the land, wastage area, TNB, SYABAS. 
- we pretty sure that the land will be well managed.. InsyaAllah :) 

then, at 3.00 pm we went to MPKj to gather layout plan and statistics. Unfortunately, the MPKj just give us the layout plan of the land in A3 size ! Im really happy because it is FREE ~~ ngeee :)
In this time also, the town planner give us idea to develop a sport complex, futsal and serviced apartment. 
Initially, we are thinking thats a good idea. 

Near to 4.00pm we went to JPPH, Kompleks PKNS in Bandar Baru Bangi to get some sales evidence, sales transactions and also PMR of property around the land. And, we meet with Officer Puan Azlina. Even though, we are not get any informations from her like sales evidence or sales transaction of property. But, she give us some idea to bear in mind WE DO FEASIBILITY STUDY TO DETERMINE EITHER THE PROJECT IS VIABLE OR NOT and she advices to do a simple and common property so that it will easier to us not like GEMPAK and ended up with nothing. Like the zoning of land, we can apply for conversion of land and so many things. 

And now i know the REAL MEANING of VALUATION IS A ART & SCIENCE. In FS, they are some matters we have to do assumptions. Because in valuation 1+1 not exactly 2 , maybe it can be 3 ! 

And at 5.00pm we go back to UiTM Shah Alam and we are very thankful because we can get informations as much as I can............ for right now.. ngeee ~~~ ok , thats all for today. Assalammualaikumm ...

The image for motivation yeahhhh ~~~ ok ! haha